Keeping My Nerd Membership Fresh

The Netflix genre page for Star Trek says the following:

“Whether you’re into James Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard (or even Kathryn Janeway), grab one of these titles and you’ll feel like you’ve hopped aboard the Enterprise to fight Klingons and Borgs.”

Notice anything wrong with that sentence? If you’re a big enough Trekkie, you’d want to submit a correction to Netflix too. I did.

I wonder how many other instances of this correction they’ve received…






10 responses to “Keeping My Nerd Membership Fresh”

  1. wayman Avatar

    “Whether you’re into James Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard…”

    Sounds like subtext to me :-)

  2. flurious Avatar

    I have some flowers here for….Gene…Luck…Pickerd?

  3. grumpy_sysadmin Avatar

    I certainly hope that this was about the use of a noun that is collective in the plural, rather than adding an ess.

  4. gerbilicious85 Avatar

    that was my guess

  5. sylvansafekeepe Avatar

    As a random note, the correct quote is: “Flowers! Is there a John…Luck…Pickerd here?”

  6. llamaontheloose Avatar

    I mean, hell, I not even a little Trekkie, and I still feel compelled to submit a correction…

  7. llamaontheloose Avatar

    (Except, of course, for the fact that I am lazy.)

  8. flurious Avatar

    Thank you for that. I could not remember it verbatim. I was sure it was Gene though.

  9. sylvansafekeepe Avatar

    Maybe. I remember it as John though. I had it as my computer’s start-up music for a while…god, I’m such a geek…

  10. danceduchess Avatar

    Maybe I won’t have to if I get this wrong, but isn’t it Catherine Janeway?
    I guessed before I read other comments…soon I shall see.

    What’s a sister of a nurd to do?

    Speaking of, will you call you sister?

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