Best Use of Netflix

Watching movies that came out when I was too little to see them, my parental units saw them, but they’re weren’t good enough to see again with me when I was older, or the sorts of movies I would see with my friends.

Think most okay action/dramas from the early ’90s.

Thanks Jed for the free 1-month trial!


3 responses to “Best Use of Netflix”

  1. I have been digging netflix for almost a year. I alternate catching up on classics, seeing weird documentaries, hard ti find Tv show stuff, and more recent movies that I missed when they were in theaters. If you’re bored, you can add me to your “friend” list there under the e-mail in my profile.

  2. Friending lets you share recommendations or something?

  3. basically. they also give you quizzes on your friends’ tastes. It’s silly, but useful once in a while.

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