Day: September 16, 2005

Keeping My Nerd Membership Fresh

The Netflix genre page for Star Trek says the following: “Whether you’re into James Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard (or even Kathryn Janeway), grab one of these titles and you’ll feel like you’ve hopped aboard the Enterprise to fight Klingons and

My DSL is Fixed – Or, Why I got a B in Electronic Circuit Applications

“Sir? We’ve traced the call. The problem is coming from inside the house!” ::splattery death:: A Covad technician has been here for the last hour, poking at my DSL with various tests, tone generators, and the like. He fairly quickly

Best Use of Netflix

Watching movies that came out when I was too little to see them, my parental units saw them, but they’re weren’t good enough to see again with me when I was older, or the sorts of movies I would see