Remember my last post about DSL? Insert it here, but increment every number referring to the how many times I have called Speakeasy customer service, or how many times a Verizon technician has come to my building to poke at my NID.

I’m going to have to take ‘s advice, and express myself thusly:



Back to your regularly scheduled Nick.

On a related note, does anyone know enough about telephony, or DSL in particular, to know what sort of tests Verizon would be running that are not the same as the tests Speakeasy and Covad have run? Better yet, why would Verizon run different tests? Or why can’t they trust the results that Speakeasy got and Covad confirmed?

Keep in mind that this has been going on since during my install, because a Covad technician detected the problem and wouldn’t come out to do the install until Verizon addressed it.


2 responses to “Hate++”

  1. Coming from you, that was quite the outburst. I’m shocked. However, it was well deserved.

    Corporations are evil. I’m sorry they’ve decided to play mind games with you.

  2. You just need to get your problem addressed on nationwide radio.

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