I need some sort of magical massage ray. Or a girlfriend. In other words, ow, I must have terrible posture.

The entire back right part of my neck has decided to become a solid knot of tense muscle. I am currently ice-pack-in-towel-ing it, but I’m not certain that’s the best fix.

I am also freaking out because I thought that the ice trays that came with my freezer were the standard dozen cube trays; however, there are 14 cubes. Scary, I know.



8 responses to “Ice”

  1. I thought most ice cube trays were 2-by-7. Ow :-(

  2. My ice cube trays have 14 sections. However, for stiff muscles you want heat, not cold — get a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or one of those microwaveable hot packs.

  3. For applying cold to painful things, a bag of frozen corn is resuable and quite effective. Keep it in a zip-lock bag to maintain structural integrity.

  4. Ours are certainly 14-cube trays.

  5. Keep it in a zip-lock bag to maintain structural integrity.


  6. Yeah, I’m also developing knots underneath my shoulder muscles, particularly my right one (I suspect from stretching across my cubicle to quick check my email or something). Carrying a ton of groceries on Friday from Reading Terminal Market, on the R3, to YH didn’t help either. I guess I need to learn how to be all ergonomic now…

  7. Earlier this year, I invested in an actual cold pack that lives in my freezer until I need it. It doesn’t seem to collect condensation as much as ice bags do, plus it’s more flexible, so it does a better job of coldifying areas quickly.

    If your neck is tense, would heat work better than cold? I’ve heard recommendations for both.

  8. You know I have stress induced rock of a back like every day…and the best for muscle tension is heat. Not ice. Ice is for swelling. Heat is muscle pain. Or like you said, I can always find you a girlfriend :)

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