Day: August 22, 2005

  • Ice

    I need some sort of magical massage ray. Or a girlfriend. In other words, ow, I must have terrible posture. The entire back right part of my neck has decided to become a solid knot of tense muscle. I am currently ice-pack-in-towel-ing it, but I’m not certain that’s the best fix. I am also freaking […]

  • RIP, Spacebar

    I reported on my failed tab key last October (hard to believe it was that long ago). My spacebar is now suffering from a failure. For the last week or so, it hasn’t been registering about 1 in 10 keypresses, roughly. If any of you log IMs, you can probably see examples from my typing […]

  • Microwave Fixage

    I’m off work waiting for a service tech from GE to come and take a look at my microwave. I love that the best they can do for scheduling is “between 1pm and 5pm”. I guess that way they avoid nailing themselves down and then pissing off a customer by being a little bit late. […]