Day: August 17, 2005

  • Reasons Why I Hate Windows

    Reason #4,192 Why I Hate Windows strcmp (“stir-comp”): string comparison _stricmp (“stree-comp”): lowercase string comparison, locale-dependent _strcmpi (“stir-compy”): equivalent to _stricmp, present for backwards compatibility _wcsicmp (“wicksie-comp”): wide-character version of _stricmp wcscmp (“wicks-comp”): wide-character version of strcmp _mbsicmp (“mibsie-comp”): multibyte-character version of _stricmp _mbscmp (“mibs-comp”): multibyte-character version of strcmp Naming inconsistencies! Inscrutable abbreviations! ALSJKFHASLJDFHASDLH Reason […]

  • Getting Into the Code

    I spent today exploring the dataflow through the web application, web services, and supporting Perl scripts and other executables. At this point, I’ve gotten through a few of the rendered ASP.NET pages, and down into the actual linguistic bits that I don’t really understand. I have almost 10 pages of notes, most of which is […]