Day: August 13, 2005

  • E-mail Deluge

    With over two weeks without t3h 1nt4rw3b, I’ve accumulated just a wee bit of e-mail. Here are some quick stats: SWIL Mailing lists: 75 G-mail threads (probably many more messages) SCCS Staff: 217 messages SCCS account: 78 personal messages In other words, I’ll be here a while. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to reply […]

  • The 7th Circle of Internet Hell

    ARGGGGGGGGRRAESHFDSFHasdklcnasdlkjfnalscvjknqacwo;eicna;sdlnfal;sdkjcn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!! That little display doesn’t even come close to the level of insanity I am experiencing right now. Clearly internet withdrawal only gets worse the longer I go without. I’m getting a hit right now courtesy of Starbucks and T-Mobile, and it’s only costing me $10/day! I suppose I should update my DSL situation. It […]

  • The Blue Route

    The BBN campus in Cambridge is actually a set of interconnected warehouses, plus a newer (relatively) office building built on the former site of a laundromat once located on Concord Avenue. This does not include their sites in Mystic, CT or Arlington, VA. The buildings are all interconnected, either abutting directly or with enclosed walkways […]

  • Internet Withdrawal

    I probably should have been keeping up to date even while I’ve been offline; I certainly had the time, given how much assorted Star Trek I’ve watched in the last 10 days. My internet setup has been extremely slow. I ordered Speakeasy DSL, because they have lots of great features, such as providing static IP […]