Campus (and SCCS) Down

SCCS is down again. More to the point, campus is down again!

I spoke to the new ITS Unix admin, and he informed me that all of campus is without power. He’ll be giving me an update by phone once power is back up.

When I was waiting to be connected to him by the college operator, I overheard the operator speaking to someone in Ben West saying “Penn Electric said it would take at least a couple of hours…”, so don’t expect SCCS to back up anytime soon.

Once power is back up, SCCS will still not be back up, because of the aforementioned problem. A sys-admin will be sent from New Jersey as early as possible (the relevant ones are a bit busier this time) to massage Roc into restarting properly.

We can’t do a permanent fix to this problem (which appeared during our last attempted upgrade) because an archive-install-restore requires at least 24 hours of on-and-off monitoring by a physically present sys-admin. Since it is summer, and none of us are on-campus, this is difficult to schedule, and may not occur until Orientation Week.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


11 responses to “Campus (and SCCS) Down”

  1. ITS has a male Unix admin now?

  2. Apparently Jason has replaced Fran. I didn’t ask for details.

  3. I think I suggested this before, but just in case: Y’all might think about deputizing someone who is on campus this summer, and give them at least enough power to reboot the machines when they crash, just so you don’t have to send someone from New Jersey every time.

  4. The ITS unix admin has access to the locked password box, for security purposes. We may have to abuse that power.

  5. Aha, that’s why I can’t check swatmail! Thanks for the announcement!

  6. As mentioned earlier, I’m also happy to go down and do stuff, although I have neither keys nor passwords.

  7. second this, and I’m closer than he is.

  8. This is totally fucking ridiculous.

  9. What? That a group of people who provide us a free and really quite reliable service cannot drop everything and rush down to Swat to fix the problem the moment it happens?

  10. Oh, please. A) it is unfortunately really bad timing (for me) for the entire campus to go down for “at least a couple of hours”, which is totally not SCCS’s fault but which also goes down as “fucking ridiculous,” and B) that someone actually has to “rush down” from Jersey to do it. There really should be someone on campus.

    That said, I dig SCCS. I just think this summer’s situation qualifies just the way I said it.

  11. There really should be someone on campus.


    I mean, don’t get me wrong; I totally agree that there really should be someone on campus year-round. (That is, in fact, why I spent four summers in Swarthmore.) And yeah, the timing REALLY, REALLY blows (I was waiting to hear back from a couple of recruiters today), but even with all of that, it’s probably fair to let a bunch of volunteers spend their summers where they want to spend them (and where they can feed themselves, etc).

    (Of course, if this happens just one more time, I may have to “rush up” to Jersey to do something else… :P )

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