T-minus 159 Hours, 33 minutes

I just got off the phone with my HR contact at BBN. He’s going to try to come at the moving company from the other end to narrow down my arrival dates from a 13 day range to something more centered on my first weekend in Boston.

I actually fly out of Minnesota this Thursday afternoon; I’ll need to confirm with my landlord if it’s okay for me to use the hidden key on the 28th to sleep in my apartment, even though my move-in date is the 29th. Less than 3 days left… and both of my parental units are out of town on business trips!

I think I properly accounted for the difference in time zones, so my countdown should be accurate to getting Orientated starting at 9:00 am on Monday, August 1st. Dun dun dun!!!










2 responses to “T-minus 159 Hours, 33 minutes”

  1. ruthling Avatar

    I know at least two people at BBN right now (in the internet heyday, half my friends seemed to work there). Is a cool place, aparently.

  2. flammifera Avatar

    Don’t worry — if it’s anything like my first day, they’ll talk a lot about HOW MUCH WORK they need done, then no one will have the time to actually get you started on anything. ;) Ah well, I’m sure I’ll have stuff to do soon enough…

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