Goodbye, Cameron

BoA sent me my new debit card and mini debit card today. Now my signature actually matches the name of the cardholder. Or the card is now in my real name, as opposed to just part of my name. (See my previous banking entry)

Do any of you use the newer mini cards at grocery stores or other locations that have the swipe machines?


7 responses to “Goodbye, Cameron”

  1. I don’t, but I’ve seen it done at Giant Eagle here in Pittsburgh.

  2. I’ve never used my mini-card. I should probably toss it out.

    The first credit card I got had my last name very badly misspelled. That was silly.

  3. I’d never heard of a mini-card before this, and I just got a new bank account two weeks ago … so I guess they haven’t hit this area yet? Dunno.

  4. What the hell is a mini debit card?

  5. It has a hole for a keychain, and it’s about an inch smaller in each dimension.

    I’ve seen some that are weirdly shaped and come in a plastic flip-out holster thing like VW keys.

  6. Huh.

    I think I have seen someone use one of these at the coop.

    I assumed it was his “membership” card.

    I like this idea: keys are typically kept in a pocket it’s harder to pick, and using one of these means that you can keep just cash and ID in your wallet, neither of which are quite so prone to identity theft (as long as you don’t keep your SS card in your wallet or something).

  7. I don’t use my B of A mini cards because I always carry my wallet with me everywhere, and I’m trying to cut the amount of stuff I keep with to to the bare minimum. Also, I’m anal-retentive about keeping my wallet with me at all times, but I tend to leave my keys in random locations, so I don’t really want my credit and debit cards attached to the key ring.

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