I Can Swallow Again!

I’ve been feeling much better over the course of today.

I think I can safely say that a sore throat falls into the most hateful of cold symptoms. Body ache I can ignore or drug, sneezing is probably much more bothersome to others, a runny nose just raises the stock price of Kleenex’ parent corporation, even a deep lung cough (like the Garnet Death that struck so many of us this past semester) can be dealt with.

Sore throat just hurts. All the time. Even when you’re trying to make it better by drinking water or taking some drugs to alleviate symptoms or just sitting there waiting for it to end.

Or, maybe I’m just feeling better because we’re #27 in line at the Ridgesquare Barnes & Noble in Minnetonka, MN to pick up a certain book that some of you may have heard of. Kudos to my father for reserving our spot on Monday.

That purchase should make me happy. On the other hand, staying up all night reading may not be the best for my health. Or is it…?