Childhood & Adulthood

My dad’s birthday dinner was tonight. He selected Old Chicago as our no-one-has-to-cook destination. I consumed a weiss whose name I do not recall at the moment (it was on the chalkboard), and one of my standby American favorites, Goose Island Hex Nut Brown Ale. I think the name appeals to my inner (or perhaps outer) engineer. Said beverages were consumed as accompaniment to a personal-pan Hawaiian pizza. Yum. t3h drun}{x0r!!!

Very shortly, I will be playing Scrabble with my mother for the first time in over 10 days. This is due to the fact that I was in Boston for a few days last week, followed immediately by two days at my paternal grandmother’s in Sioux Falls, followed by my mom’s multi-destination business trip in Seattle and San Francisco this past week. I was on a bit of a winning streak, but perhaps my luck is in for a turn for the worse.

Later this evening, my dad and I will be heading to the Harry Potter Party at our local B&N. There are no plans for costumery. I expect that we will simply spend several hours camped out in a bookstore. This is an activity that is not at all difficult for any member of the Ward family.


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  1. Oh, come on, Nick. “drun}{x0r”?

    Please. That’s drun|{x0r!!

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