Golf Outing

This morning I actually got outside to go golfing at the local Par 3 course with my dad and a few of his Breck teacher co-workers. Normally they have more players, but I guess a number of them were busy, which is why there was space for me to tag along.

I haven’t played in at least 3 years, possibly 4, but I grabbed my clubs from the basement storage room and dusted them off anyway. I opened the round with one of my best drives ever, which I’m pretty happy with considering how long it had been since I swung a club.

In general, I had a pretty good round, with good drives and chips. Unfortunately I was putting twice or thrice on most holes. I think I had one of my best rounds ever, and I even beat my dad by one stroke! He’s been golfing all summer, too. It must have been a fluke.

We then hit the LeAnn Chin’s near the golf course. Not bad, but not amazing Americanized Chinese food either. It’s fun talking with Breck faculty, because I get to hear other views about Breck that aren’t coming from my dad. For once though, they didn’t complain about all the stuff that goes wrong at my alma mater.

Oddly enough, one of the cashiers at LeAnn Chin’s was a former Breckie herself. Small world, and all that. In somewhat related news, I’ve found that at least two of my Breck classmates (2001! Woot!) will be in Boston next year for grad school.


2 responses to “Golf Outing”

  1. I’ve done “real” golfing, oh, about once, many years ago. I almost drove the cart of a bridge. But the one thing I was good at was putting. You, sir, need to play more mini-golf.

  2. Actually, I need to end up on the green much closer to the pin. Most of my first putts were all from at least 20 feet from the pin. I actually did pretty well within 6 feet. Long putts are bad.

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