Everybody Get Bubonic!

Ugh. Urgh. Bleargh.

The slight sore throat and cough that developed while I was getting far too little sleep during my Boston jaunt has turned into a delightful skull infection of some sort.

Three days ago, my right eustachian tube was swollen and plugged. Two days ago, it was my left. Now I have all sorts of swollen lymph nodes that are putting pressure on the various tubes in my throat and ears. I wonder if this is what buboes (bestest word EVAR!) feel like.

Swallowing anything is EXCURCIANTINGLY PAINFUL.

I’m half-tempted to resort to drooling so I don’t have to reflexively swallow my own saliva.

And you know what the best part is? No health insurance! Wheeee!!!


5 responses to “Everybody Get Bubonic!”

  1. Oh no! That really sucks. Drool away. Maybe a doctor’s visit isn’t too expensive. Maybe there’s even a clinic in your area for non-insured people or something. You should try to go if you can coz it might be the kind of thing that’s really awful if you let it run its course but goes away after like a day on antibiotics.

    *hugs from as far away as possible*

  2. Are you not still on your parents’ insurance?

    Regardless, bummer. :^( Hope it clears up soon!

  3. Wait for it to get really bad, then visit an emergency room. When the ask for your information, lie. Claim your name is Helmut Nakamura and give your address as the nearest public library.

    It would be funnier if it weren’t a reality for thousands of uninsured poor. Guess what costs more than free clinics? Guess who winds up paying for it?


  4. My insurance ended at the end of the month in which I graduated. Too bad I graduated on the 29th.

    I have emergency-only coverage that I got through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

  5. You need to get that looked at and sooner will be better than later. Suck it up and pay/borrow the 50 to visit a clinic and get a prescription before you land in the ER and have to become a fugitive from the medical collections mafia.

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