Off to Boston

Tomorrow I’m flying out to Boston for a 3-day whirlwind of finding an apartment, opening a checking account, proving to BBN that I’m a US citizen, and signing a lease on an apartment that I like. has kindly allowed me to crash on his couch.

Oh yeah, I accepted the job offer :o). At this point, it’s only verbal acceptance, because the initial acceptance letter they sent me last week had my name spelled wrong. Who is this Nicholas character anyway? He must be friends with that Johana Pernique.

I’ve gotten used the the misspellings. Pretty much every institution I’ve been associated with has misspelled it at least once.

They’re going to send me a new letter, but since I’m going to be in Boston, I’m just going to bus over to their offices and sign what I need to sign.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find an apartment with the amenities I want within my price range and convenient to BBN by public transit. Based on the availability I’ve scoped out, I may have to get a 2-bedroom unit and find somebody to sublet at a later time.

Does anybody know anything about city bikes that are easy to carry and can be folded in half to carry onto subway or commuter rail?

As for now, it’s sleepy-time.


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  1. Having just shopped for and bought a city bike (three weeks ago), Brompton seems to be the primary brand for folding bikes. But they’re twice as expensive as non-folding, and at least twice as heavy. Carrying one around, plus a backpack/laptop-case, would be quite a workout. I didn’t look into how long it takes to fold/unfold; it’s probably at least five minutes, what with things that would need to be tightened. There are three or four folds. Also, the wheels are necessarily quite small, though there appeared to be a very complex system of gears which may make pedalling equally efficient to a normal bike.

    I wound up buying a Jamis Commuter, a reliable and basic city bike, for $250; helmet, lock, and tax brought the total to about $350. The base price for a Brompton was about $550.

    I know for SEPTA, one can take a bicycle on any off-peak regional rail train, but never on the trolley (way too cramped) and probably never on the subway. But when you’re in the city itself, why wouldn’t you just ride?

    Congrats on all the job stuff!

  2. Where’s all of our lightweight composite materials technology??

  3. Although Brompton is the undisputed king of folding bikes, Dahon also has a good reputation, and they sell bikes starting at 18.7 lbs.

  4. I had a dream last night that I got a job at BBN, and when I arrived for work you showed me to my office/dorm room there. It was a huge, but run-down and dusty room with a bed, a desk, and a computer. One of the walls was dirty, so you and Blake poked at it with sticks until it fell down entirely.

  5. Brompton is generally considered the best in terms of foldability — they take about 30 seconds (yes, I have actually seen this). Other brands generally require more work, and take a couple of minutes. Yes, they’re all heavy, but you shouldn’t be carrying it that much — just onto and off of pubtrans vehicles, and the rest of the time you can ride it. The compactness also probably makes up for the extra weight for ease of carrying, too.

    I don’t own one, but I’m strongly considering it, and if I get one, it will be a Brompton.

  6. I’ve definitely seen them on the El. You might be able to get away with it on the trolley when there’s no one, but it’s probably up to the driver. Also, some bus routes have bike racks on the bus. Convenient.

  7. Wow, I’m surprised by the El and the bus racks. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a 34 or a 13 at less than 2/3 capacity, though, which makes me doubt a bike would ever be permitted. Plus, while you could get one on through the side door, the front would be pretty tricky. (Though I guess the bus door is about the same? I never ride the bus.)

  8. the bus bike racks are mounted on the front of the bus — they look like odd fenders when they’re not folded down. But the bikes don’t go inside.

  9. That’s frightening. On several levels :oD.

  10. Who is this Nicholas character anyway? He must be friends with that Johana Pernique.

    Don’t forget the ‘Rachelle’. ;)

    I’m sure our alter-egos watch Star Trek together in their world, too.

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