Good Old Days

A night of reminiscing with Breckies.

Zeb (aka Zebulonatron, Furious Z, The Golden Fro, Z-Dog, The Fury, Z!, Z Factorial, et al.) had some extra tickets to the Twins game tonight, so Gus and I tagged along with the Thomas family. Sometimes I forget that, in addition to knowing Zeb since 2nd grade and Gus since 3rd grade, I spent nearly two whole summers working for Dr. Thomas in his lab at the U of M. First, yay nepotism, and second, that’s long enough ago that a majority of my life has passed in the meantime.

At any rate, Gus and I both gave Zeb the personal updates, and Zeb gave us his, although Gus and I have already hung out enough since graduation to be all caught up. Zeb was on a road trip to visit his Stanford gf’s parental units in Montana and Wyoming, but the Eurovan (pronounced “oy-ro-van” for reasons that only Cara and the Homecoming ’99 crew can explain) failed him and he had to perform various rental and airline magicks in order to safely return to the Twin Cities this evening.

The Twins won, which shouldn’t have been hard given that the KC Royals suck to a different plane of baseball terribility. The fielding made things interesting, at least, while we were conversing to catch up. I think Melanie (Zeb’s sister) actually kept score. That’s not something I’ve done since before the Strike, when I became largely disillusioned with all things baseball.

One thing I miss: now they force you to leave the Metrodome through the rotary doors, instead of just going out the main doors. When I was little, the pressure differential was sufficient that I needed to hold onto my parental units’ hands in order to not be blown over.

After the game, we returned to the Thomas residence, where Mrs. Thomas served us brownies, Dr. Thomas served us champagne (for getting jobs!), and Lucy (their 14-year-old dog) licked our legs for no apparent reason. We also watched the Daily Show, which I haven’t seen in a month due to a lack of cable at home. Silly parental units!

Zeb was very tired, since he had awoken at 3:45 MT (4:45 CT), but we convinced him to tag along to the bar anyway. In spite of this, he managed to totally hustle Gus and I at darts while we chugged our beers in the short time before William’s closed. We were hit on by some girls who thought we were from Edina. I think it’s because Gus was dressed preppily because he had been out shopping for work dress casual earlier in the day.

When I got home, I really really had to use the bathroom. On my way downstairs, I tripped over the door of the dishwasher, which for some inexplicable reason had been left open blocking the primary access to the stairwell. The ensuing dish-rattling woke my mother, so we talked about housing and salary negotiation tactics and what I had done this evening that kept me out so late.

After that, I put a further dent in my recent imports of two and a half days of music into my iTunes Library. Unfortunately, for some reason the importer had defaulted back to MP3, so I will have to re-rip as AAC. If I’m careful, I should be able to copy over the ratings I’ve made fairly easily. While listening, I played some drunken BSW, and lost several assorted games.

To be added to the list of stupid things I should never do again:

  • Slam a liter of German dobbelbock in the 30 minutes before the bar closes.
  • Playing BSW after the previous.

To be added to the list of things that drive me crazy:

  • Rolling four of the same number in Can’t Stop.
  • Bands who hide the “bonus track” on their CDs by adding 20 minutes of silence in the middle of one unified track, with the last song at the beginning of said megatrack and the bonus song at the end. I’m talking to you, Oasis.
  • People who leave the dishwasher open in a dark kitchen.

Little By Little” from Heathen Chemistry by Oasis


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  1. Well it’s a good thing I don’t really go for baseball, I guess. On the other hand, with my adoptive home of Philly, the sports are actually decent.

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