Job Offer

I got an official job offer today from BBN Technologies for a position as an Associate Engineer! WAHOO!

The paperwork won’t show up until tomorrow, but I’m pretty excited. The benefits package, particularly the full ride to grad school, is good, plus they’ll help me relocate to Boston.

Speaking of which, do you know of anyone who’s looking for a roommate in the Cambridge or Fresh Pond vicinity?

This building would be perfect, since it’s less than a mile away and has that new building smell and all of the amenities I’d look for. However, since they don’t list the price, it’s probably out of my reach. Ah well…


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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Sweet! Congratulations!

    It wouldn’t hurt to contact the people in charge of the building and ask about their rates; prices in the Cambridge area do tend to be insane, but sometimes you can get lucky.

    When are you moving out here? I haven’t really thought this through, but if you’re looking for a roommate, my lease lasts until the beginning of August, and I’ve been idly pondering finding a new place to live next year; my current one-bedroom apartment is very nice but isolated. My only concerns would be that the Cambridge/Fresh Pond vicinity might be prohibitively far from my workplace and that I’m not sure how long I’ll actually remain in the area, which might leave any prospective roommates hanging. Let me know if you might be interested, though.

  3. Congratulations! You are now joining the vast hordes of Swatties in the Boston area.

  4. What kind of engineering? Like software/programming type stuff, or system/network administration, or … ?

    Regardless, congrats!

  5. I’ll be starting in mid to late July, so the timing wouldn’t work for your lease.

    I’ve been looking at places that are all convenient to the Red Line, for access to the city and so forth. Since I don’t drive, I need to be close to BBN and to public transportation.

    You have lots of video games, right? ;o)

  6. I’d be in the Speech and NLP group. Since most of the other employees have advanced degrees, I’d mostly be a code monkey for various projects, instead of doing a lot of thinking.

  7. Huh, what’s BBN doing in Speech and NLP? I guess they’ve branched out (over the, uh, past ten years) from their role as an ISP…

  8. Aww… well, that’s understandable. Yeah, I don’t have a car, either. The bus and subway systems are good enough, though, that I’ve never needed one (well, except for the time that one of my rehearsals out in Lexington didn’t get out until after the buses had stopped running for the night…), and I don’t particularly want one.

    Most of my video games these days are RPGs/strategy games, to tell the truth, single-player and not multiplayer–but I could quite easily be persuaded to buy one or two of the latter sort if other gamers were in the neighborhood, I think. ;)

  9. Speaking of which, do you know of anyone who’s looking for a roommate in the Cambridge or Fresh Pond vicinity?

    I’d be interested in a place within walking distance of Porter Square, from which I can catch the commuter rail to Brandeis.

    — Ben

  10. Awesome! And Boston is a fantastic place.

  11. Ben is getting his feet wet!

  12. Role as an ISP?!? They invented the freakin’ router! And the modem! And, and… the @ sign in e-mail!

    *head explodes*

  13. Hey, all we did was buy net access from them. :^) And I didn’t realize that wasn’t all they did; cool.

  14. I want you to know that, in the middle of the whirlwind of castles and all-night parties and relaxing afternoons at the beach that has been my wonderful holidays so far, I’ve been making a few minutes to check your lj, in my once-or-twice-a-week few minutes at an internet cafe, just to see what the news has been. I’m very happy for you, and also that you’ll be on the East Coast. :D

  15. Actually that sounds perfect for a lease ending at the beginning of August–you want at least a week or two overlap between housing anyway, so that if something goes wrong you have a buffer before you’re homeless.

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