Job Offer Offer

Today I was told that I will be getting a job offer by the end of the week. This is, understandably, a happy.

I think they did it this way to make sure that I was still interested, so that they wouldn’t waste their time prepping an offer that I wouldn’t consider taking.

7 comments on “Job Offer Offer
  1. irilyth says:

    Congrats! What’s the job?

  2. metaplasmus says:

    Congratulations, sir!

  3. ashsong says:

    Good for you!

  4. Nicolas Ward says:

    I’ll post the specifics once I know what they are. I don’t want to jinx it ;o).

  5. star_ash says:

    Hip hip hooray! Do post details soon. Enquiring minds want to know.

  6. stormwynd says:

    *tosses confetti and blows noisemaker* Congrats!

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