Star Wards Episode VI: Return of the Freaky

My sister is home!

Jo is back from her semester abroad in China, with many souvenirs and photos. She hasn’t given us the slide show yet, but her e-mail updates over the course of the semester certainly made it sound like an amazing experience.

It’s always fun to realize how much we have in common as siblings. After she got back from the airport, we basically talked for four straight hours. Obviously she had more interesting stories to tell than I did from my last semester at Swat.

She gave me an antique chinese chess set. Now I just need to learn how to play…


2 responses to “Star Wards Episode VI: Return of the Freaky”

  1. Wait! Um, you don’t know how to play chess?!

  2. This is a (chinese chess) set, not a chinese (chess set). It’s a different game from European chess, although they stem from a common Indian ancestor so there are some similarities.

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