Unpacking. It’s about the only remotely productive thing I’ve achieved in the last week. I’ve pretty much been living in my parents’ basement.

Yesterday I played with the knapsack problem using my closet shelving. I found that most of my items would fit on the shelf, but not through the opening under the lip of the shelf. This required a lot of twisting of boxes and ordering and reordering to have space to flip things up into place. It’s going to be fun to repack everything once I have a job…

I’ve also been trying to compile GRAMPS 2.0 for OS X, the genealogy software I use to catalogue family information. Unfortunately, GRAMPS depends on every GNOME library known to man, which takes a lot of compilation. In addition, a lot of the libraries haven’t been fully ported to OS X, so I have to do lots of tweaking to makefiles. I’ve mostly been having linking problems, which are by far the most frustrating because I basically don’t understand the (not-terribly-human-readable) outputs of autoconf and automake.

Also, much Star Trek. Ensign, Worthlessness 9. Engage!


3 responses to “closet.push(box.pop())”

  1. I’m trying to unpack as little as possible.

  2. I have to consolidate the stuff I left at home with the stuff I brought to school, and then assign some items to storage with my parental units and some to stuff I’m bringing to wherever I end up.

  3. It’s very annoying to look at my room at home and try to figure out what I should leave at home (since my parents are still living there, there’s no reason not to leave various high school memorabilia stored) and what I might want in my flat.

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