Month: June 2005

Good Old Days

A night of reminiscing with Breckies. Zeb (aka Zebulonatron, Furious Z, The Golden Fro, Z-Dog, The Fury, Z!, Z Factorial, et al.) had some extra tickets to the Twins game tonight, so Gus and I tagged along with the Thomas

Job Offer

I got an official job offer today from BBN Technologies for a position as an Associate Engineer! WAHOO! The paperwork won’t show up until tomorrow, but I’m pretty excited. The benefits package, particularly the full ride to grad school, is

SCCS Update

For those of you who read my LJ and have SCCS accounts, but did not see the MOTD over the last few days: The SCCS is upgrading our servers to the latest version of Debian this weekend, aka Sarge. All

Job Offer Offer

Today I was told that I will be getting a job offer by the end of the week. This is, understandably, a happy. I think they did it this way to make sure that I was still interested, so that

Star Wards Episode VI: Return of the Freaky

My sister is home! Jo is back from her semester abroad in China, with many souvenirs and photos. She hasn’t given us the slide show yet, but her e-mail updates over the course of the semester certainly made it sound


Unpacking. It’s about the only remotely productive thing I’ve achieved in the last week. I’ve pretty much been living in my parents’ basement. Yesterday I played with the knapsack problem using my closet shelving. I found that most of my

Indulging My Inner Middle Schooler

If we ignore the fact that I’ve gradumutated, the past week has involved a lot of activities that evoked my pastimes in 7th and 8th grade. Last Monday, ran a Magic: The Gathering draft game. It was a lot of