Stress Dream

As I mentioned, I have an interview in less than 30 minutes. I didn’t sleep too well last night, mostly because I finally succumbed to the Garnet Death over the course of yesterday. Phlegm factory fun!!! ::hack, wheeze:: Here’s to my friends who have been helpfully exposing me to the disease for the last month, waiting for the moment when my immune system finally gave up the ghost.

Anyway, I had a very specific dream, in which I slept through the two alarms I had set to wake me up this morning. My sister Joanna (who was inexplicably back in Boston) came to my hotel room to wake me up, and I went downstairs to grab the continental breakfast. Unfortunately I was distracted by the complete Star Trek library on the wall of the breakfast room, including every season on DVD, most of the fictional non-fiction (that is, the assorted technical manuals and guides that are written as if they were in the Star Trek universe), and some of the extended novel universe.

Naturally, I was panicking the whole time that I didn’t have enough time to get ready, so I had to skip a shower, and then I skipped wearing my suit because it would take too long to get ready.

The hotel is in actuality a family-run establishment, and along with that (in my dream, anyway), the daughters of the family put on a comedic opera in the theater that was attached to the hotel. For some reason Billy Crystal was in the back of the balcony heckling them.

It then turned out that the family that owned the place was the Maxwells, and Bruce ran everything. There were also cute little kittens roaming through the halls bumping into things in an amusing way. There were rolling hills, or little dunes, or something out in front of the hotel. Under the main stairwell, there was a bizarre collection of robotic machinery, which turned out to be some Borg devices. Prof. Maxwell got assimilated, and nearly assimilated me. Unfortunately, I was finally grabbed by one of the guest drones, and that’s where the plot of the dream ended.

Then, in the style of many anime, a credit sequence rolled consisting of battle footage set in the dunes in front of the hotel. There were no clips from the “episode” I had just experienced, just me fighting off Borg drones. It kind of resembled the opening credits of the old X-Men animated series.

Just to be clear, this was a dream, not reality. But let this be a lesson not to mix anxiety and probably fever-causing colds. Triptastic!


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  1. most of the fictional non-fiction (that is, the assorted technical manuals and guides that are written as if they were in the Star Trek universe),

    Holy shit, dude! I’d totally forgotten about those! A friend of mine in the fourth grade had one of the TNG manuals, and HOLY SHIT I THOUGHT IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVAR. This was around the time that I was completely obsessed with Relativity, so I was all about the pop physics books and wildly speculative sci-fi…

    Damn, those were the days; I can feel the crystals of frozen cafeteria box milk against my check just thinking about it!

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