Modes of Transportation

Bah, I keep forgetting to hit “Post” after I save my entries in XJournal. Clearly I need to write for my LJ more often. Wrote this one last night.

I am typing this up from the wireless network at the Best Western Tria hotel in Cambridge, MA. I’m here for an interview at BBN Technologies. It’s hard for me to believe that they’re spending over $1000 to bring me up here on the possibility that (a) I’m qualified for some position and that (b) I would accept an offer for that position.

Tonight I visited my aunt and cousins in Hamilton, MA. I only had to spend 3 hours on trains round trip to spend an hour and a half with them!

Airplanes: 1
Taxis: 2
Trains: 6

Have to finish up the employee application first though.


2 responses to “Modes of Transportation”

  1. Are you taking trains home? If so, be prepared for delays, a bridge caught fire last night between Newark and New York.

  2. Silly bridge-builders. And no, they paid for me to fly.

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