Why Are My Dreams So Convoluted?

It started off as a pretty normal spy/adventure game. I don’t recall this part very well, other than I know that someone was after us. There was a chase scene, which involved leaping around loading docks and suchlike.

Eventually we hid by joining the line of people waiting to buy an XBox 2 outside of a video game store. The people I was with ran into the store, so I ran after them, although I was worried about cutting in line before our ticket number was called.

When we got inside, there was a woman with a stroller and two kids, who were browsing for video games. The baby in the stroller was crying, and I noticed that it was not wrapped up in anything, so it was probably cold.

I took the baby and wrapped it up in a blanket that was apparently right there, but it wriggled its way out. Over the course of the dream, I kept trying to bundle the baby up tightly, but it kept getting out. It also seemed to shrink over time, until near the end it was about the size of a large burrito and I was wrapping the little thing up in tin foil.

That’s when I woke up.



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  1. mmmMMMM…baby burrito…

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