My High School

You may have heard me rant about how my alma mater (Breck School, in MN, not Swarthmore) has gotten worse over the years. I think this article puts a finger on why:

I loved my time at Breck, and I had great friends and teachers. But I saw a trend bubbling up through the lower classes, one of snobby children of rich and distant parents. I heard about reduced academic standards for admission. During my junior year, I saw the best choir teacher the school ever had be forced out due to politics, and an administration willing to kowtow to parents with money.

At one point, had I been in Minneapolis and had the means, I would have sent my (theoretical) children to Breck. Now, I’m not even sure if I could help support the school financially. I think the administration is in need of some serious upheaval. I can’t imagine many of more former teachers staying on as their classes get progressively worse.


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  1. If you still want to donate, can you request your donations be used only for scholarship students?

    The snooty private school I went to had an interesting feature: scholarships started to be available at grade 5. I started there in 4th grade, so we didn’t see much of the lower school. My sister went there for a few years when younger, and my mom was *shocked* at the difference a handful of scholarship students really made to the atmosphere of the school. (I will note that I was a partial-scholarship kid, myself.)

    Which reminds me that I need to send Laurel (my snooty private alma mater) a check again. And Swat. And maybe MIT.

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