Investor Disloyalty

I just sold all of my Apple stock. It wasn’t much, just a small amount that my mom had put into my investment account years ago, but the share value is roughly triple from when she bought it.

Chances are the value will continue to go up, and I’ll regret selling for a while, in addition to the feeling that comes with divesting from my favorite company. From an investment perspective, I am worried about the lawsuit between Apple Computer and Apple Records, along with Apple’s (still dropping) market share in desktop PCs.

For now, I’ll think of my net gain as the new tricked out G5 I’ll buy after graduation ;o). Of course, I should probably be practical and use it to pay a few months rent or something…

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the myriad number of bidding games I’ve learned since coming to Swat, it’s that you shouldn’t regret your gameplay decisions.

Whatever the outcome, I’m still a bad little MacAddict. I think I read somewhere that roughly 80% of Apple’s individual stockholders have Apple stock out of loyalty, not as a real investment. I think this is where my sense of betrayal comes from. I’m sure I’ll get over it…


2 responses to “Investor Disloyalty”

  1. I’ll think of my net gain as the new tricked out G5 I’ll buy after graduation

    So you’ll be re-investing at that point–so it’s not disloyalty after all :-)

  2. I feel like one of the pillars of my world, your close ties to Apple, is disintegrating after not renewing your MacAddict subscription and now this!! Aaaaah, the end of the world! ;)

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