Month: February 2005

iTunes Meme

I’m such a follower. Obviously, this doesn’t actually require iTunes, and could be applied to any music library. How many total songs? 2952, or just under 8 days Sort by song title; first and last? From “…To Die For” by

Fundamental Theorem Meme

I feel like there were some math jokes in this that I just didn’t get… Congratulations! You are the Fundamental Theorem of Finitely Generated Abelian Groups So what if the length of your title rivals that of the length of


Apple announced that they will be splitting their stock and the end of the month. I knew something like this would happen. ::sigh::

Tanúron’s Journal

I have started a LiveJournal for my character in Emery’s D&D campaign: . So far there is only the initial post, but I have three sessions worth of notes that need to be converted into narrative form. I won’t break

Journal Analyzers

Courtesy of : Absurdly Cool Geekalizer certifies ultranurd as 60.03% computer geeky! How do you rank? I’m not quite as geeky as … Absurdly Cool Grade Analyzer thinks that ultranurd is in grade 11! What’s your grade? …but I guess

Don’t Do What Danny Don’t Does

Remind me not to save my dream computers in my Apple Store shopping cart. While purchasing software for the SCCS, I very nearly accidentally bought myself a brand new 15″ PowerBook… And to think I’ve only had a credit card

Yet Another Programming Dream

Last night I had another vivid and detailed programming dream, although this time with a particularly bizarre twist. The project was to develop an XML schema for describing an arbitrary game in terms of events, game states, player states, and

Enterprise Cancelled

Damn. Just when the series was finally getting good. However, I will say that it is oddly appropriate that the series’ run aligns with my time at Swarthmore. The finale will even air during finals. When discussing the possibility

Investor Disloyalty

I just sold all of my Apple stock. It wasn’t much, just a small amount that my mom had put into my investment account years ago, but the share value is roughly triple from when she bought it. Chances are