Succumbing to my Inner Four-Eyes

I’m getting glasses. I’m slightly nearsighted, and the eye doctor thinks that it would be worthwhile for me to wear glasses when I need distance vision.

My right eye is the real culprit, but it’s just bad enough that I have to strain a bit to see the board in larger classrooms. At least Swarthmore is small :o).

I selected some small, half-rim brushed aluminum frames. In addition to fitting the shape of my orbits well, they will match the door handles in my house ;o).

I won’t be wearing them that often, since I’m not supposed to use them while reading or using a computer (my two primary activities), and I don’t drive.

At least I beat my mom’s record, who didn’t need glasses until her sophomore year.

I’ll post pictures when my glasses arrive next week.


8 responses to “Succumbing to my Inner Four-Eyes”

  1. And now you know how the rest of us feel. But yeah, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be wearing them much. You’ll get used to them, though I’m not sure you’ll hit the point where it feels stranger to be not wearing them than it does to be wearing them.

  2. In addition to fitting the shape of my orbits well, they will match the door handles in my house

    It’s probably just the Nyquil talking, but I found this very amusing.

    And welcome to my world, sort of — I switched to contact lenses in the 9th grade (I broke four pairs of glasses during basketball season that winter) and really can’t stand wearing glasses any more. The peripheral vision is completely different.

  3. To the club, welcome you are. For ice hockey, contacts most useful, yes.

  4. Those glasses sound cool! Looking forward to seeing the new, geekier [was that possible?] Nick. :)


  5. I can assure you that I will never be able to grow facial hair.

  6. wow, i love your user icon! kittens…in space!

  7. Glasses are habitforming. The more you wear them, the lazier your eyes get and then you need to wear stronger glasses all the time. The point when you’re used to having them on all the time is weird. Since my nose is slightly deformed or something, my glasses are always falling down and at an angle too, so if I’m not wearing glasses, my hands seem to think that the solution to my blurry vision is to touch the bridge of my nose and push upward.

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