Happy New Year!

t3h dRuNk}[x0r!!!!!

Between my friends and me, we killed four bottles of champagne, plus some mixed drinks.

I think there were only two spills, one of which involved a crucial bottle being opened with seconds to spare before midnight.

Anna, Jang-Soo, Gus, and Emily stayed for the long haul, including Gus’ girlfriend from CMU Chelsea. Dylan, Shaw, Murph, and Newman (whom I don’t know) stopped by briefly during their party hopping.

After hanging out, and foosball, we watched my new Eddie Izzard DVD Unrepeatable. I think that he was actually funnier than some of his later stuff, although he was more anglocentric in this perfomance. It may have had something to do with the imbibing of alcohol. Hard to say.

Jangie left during that, and afterwards, it was estrogen versus testosterone in a Catchphrase battle. Considering that Gus and I were outnumbered 3 to 2, and that we were the most impaired, we scored a significant amount of points. There was much pound-and-explodage.

After the loud game, which I am sure disturbed my parental units upstairs, we watched our 4th grade variety show and reminisced. I think we may have alienated Chelsea, but since all of us present had been at Breck since at least the 4th grade (Emily being the last to join) it’s pretty hard to pass up the opportunity to mock ourselves. Gus had a shroom cut at the time, and I’m afraid to admit that I had a mullet.


After everyone left, I amused my sister’s friends in tipsy mode, wrote this entry, and went to sleep, after imbibing much water.

Good night! Happy new year!!!!


2 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Chelsea MAY?

    I went to high school with her!

  2. In fact, this came up at the party.

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