Month: January 2005

Bank Error In Your Favor!

Thank you, Ulysses S. Grant. Yesterday, I found a (rather soggy) $50 bill in the Best Buy parking lot. This is the largest “loose change” I’ve found by $49.50. It will cover some combination of Emery’s and my most recent

It Begins

I love the smell of code in the morning. Today I churned out 777 lines of code. An oddly auspicious number, don’t you think? I didn’t even try to get that… but wc says that’s how many lines I have.

Sk8er G33k

So, apparently my taste in the fit of a pair of jeans is identical to that of a 13-year-old skateboarder. The best fitting jeans I found at Kohl’s were two pair of JNCO Jeans, which unfortunately feature a large JNCO

¡Soy el Conquistador de Puerto Rico!

I’m not sure if this is the first time that I’ve won Puerto Rico, but it is definitely a personal high score. I definitely have not had a margin this large before, either, at least not one where I was

High School Ego Trip

I spent the afternoon at Breck, my alma mater, today. I talked to Mr. Rosenfield, Mrs. Hegg, Mr. Moos, Father Bellaimey, Mr. Hegg, Mrs. Walsh, Ms. Berell, and many others. I also talked briefly with Emily Hawkins, from my class,

Succumbing to my Inner Four-Eyes

I’m getting glasses. I’m slightly nearsighted, and the eye doctor thinks that it would be worthwhile for me to wear glasses when I need distance vision. My right eye is the real culprit, but it’s just bad enough that I

Happy New Year!

t3h dRuNk}[x0r!!!!! Between my friends and me, we killed four bottles of champagne, plus some mixed drinks. I think there were only two spills, one of which involved a crucial bottle being opened with seconds to spare before midnight. Anna,