Midnight Snack

My sister is microwaving a yam. For a snack.

Yes, an entire yam.

After New Years, I will have some book and movie reviews, since that’s just about all of what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks.

But, really, yam?






7 responses to “Midnight Snack”

  1. bloodorange Avatar

    I think you meant to say yum?

  2. uncleamos Avatar

    It’s a yam, not a yum, that’s being microwaved.

  3. wayman Avatar

    I would it eat it microwaved, for
    That enhances its yam flavour!
    I would eat a yummy nuked yam,
    Yum yam yum yam, Sam I yam!

  4. flammifera Avatar

    Somehow, it turned out that I’d bought WHITE yams/sweet potatoes (I know they’re different, I just don’t remember which one I bought) for the potato bake I made for Christmas — I didn’t know *either* came in *white*!! I was distressed.

  5. bloodorange Avatar

    Well, you could interpret my comment as suggesting “But really, yum?” in a valley-girl sort of way. Or you could just be being as silly as I was, or you could be obnoxious. There are so many options!

  6. ricerurouni Avatar

    Oh, come on. I’ve totally done that before. Yams (and sweet potatoes) are full of vitamins and they taste great even without seasoning. If you eat a pre-cooked yam cold, it tastes like yam-flavored ice cream. Which they should totally make. I think I’ve seen sweet potato ice cream somewhere…

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