Christmas Lego

If you’re out there, thank you Santa for realizing that I still like playing with Lego…

It is finished. The pads of my fingers are raw and worn from the pokes of many tiny plastic corners. 1,457 pieces later, my Rebel Snowspeeder is complete. I only had to watch the audio commentary for both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to have enough time to complete it.

It has been far too long since I last played with Lego. Thanks to this Christmas present, I can (temporarily) be even more of a kid than usual. The only problem is that I have to start working on my résumé later this week.

I should probably go to sleep, now that my great work is accomplished and on display. Yay Lego!!!

Merry 3rd Day of Christmas!


3 responses to “Christmas Lego”

  1. Wow — what scale is this thing on? Can you post a link to some pix, either yours or at LEGO? (I’d hunt myself, but on dial-up, hunting for pictures takes, well, longer than it took you to build the snowspeeder!) Very cool!

  2. There is no childhood vintage that better merges creativity, industriousness, and frivolity. Yay Legos!

    Happy Christmas!

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