The things I do at home when I’ve finished watching football and I’m sort of bored of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

I went through all of the e-mail I’ve kept over the last year and sorted it, either deleting it or archiving it into various subfolders on my hard drive, instead of my mail folder on the SCCS. From 1760 to 0 messages in my inbox in only two hours…

I also reorganized my OS X Address Book. I still had all of the cards and groups in there from when I managed the SWIL mailing lists manually during my co-presidency with and . I got rid of the cards of people I didn’t know, and resorted the rest.

I created a bunch of new subgroups and supergroups, so now all of the address cards are somewhere in my address group tree. What I really need are something like iTunes’ smart playlists – so I can add specifiers, like campus organization membership or type of relationship. Probably friendship level needs to be in there as well, from acquaintance to family member, or something like that. Maybe that will come with Tiger?

On a random note, I find myself typing “know” more often when I mean “now”, as opposed to the other way around. The latter seems like it would be the more likely mistake, because it’s typically easier to drop a letter while typing than to add a specific letter. Maybe I’m just overcompensating?

I’m going to go catch up on my issues of American Scientist, which is Sigma Xi’s official magazine. Their articles are slightly higher level and slightly less glossed-over than Scientific American, but with a similar wide variety of subjects.


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  1. Watch “Best of Both Worlds” in the afternoon on Spike!, and think of you and Em. ;)

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