They Fixed Star Trek!!!

The two main story arcs of this season of Enterprise have been amazing. The writing is good, the direction is good, the special effects are even prettier than before.

Instead of ignoring the past mistakes, the new writers have tried to live with the universe that was created, while at the same time fixing the characters as much as possible.

It looks like they’re going to fix history too! Instead of making up new aliens and new threats and all of this time travel crap, they’ve gone back to the original Star Trek characters. Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites, oh my!

And Romulans as the villains! With Vulcan-Romulan unification as a plot element… and the formation of the Federation… and… and… squeeee!!! :o) :o)

Anyway, I am really really really really happy.

Star Trek is back!


6 responses to “They Fixed Star Trek!!!”

  1. How are they able to keep the first few seasons as canon and not have it mess things up? I haven’t seen more than about the first six or eight episodes of season 1, but what I heard about the next season or so was pretty awful.

  2. Hey, maybe I will watch that show on DVD someday then. Cool!

    Do you think someone could just watch the current season without knowing the characters from previous seasons?

  3. The first two seasons were mostly adventure-of-the-week episodes, so those don’t change a lot (other than this particular Enterprise never getting mentioned in the history we know). There were basically two story arcs that had a few episodes each spread through those seasons. One was the “temporal cold war”, which led (unfortunately) into season 3’s full-season story arc with the Xindi. The other was the Andorian-Vulcan conflict, with the humans generally being in the role of, as Spock would put it, “cowboy diplomats”. This is the arc that’s being continued in the fourth season. For what it’s worth the best (not saying much) episode of the third season featured the Andorians and this plot arc.

  4. [bounces] that rocks.

  5. How did/will they deal with all the random new aliens-of-the-week from the early seasons which never show up again in the entire history of Star Trek as we’ve seen it? With some gigantic plague, or Klingons on the rampage, or swarms of giant space slugs like the one Scotty and Geordi had to sour the milk on, or …?

  6. Oh, and are they still doing the “let’s show a few more centimeters of T’Pol each week to be sure people keep watching” thing?

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