Oh Where Is My Toothbrush?

Honestly, who takes someone’s toothbrush?

This marks the second bathroom disappearance I’ve experienced this year… although the case of the towel had extenuating circumstances involving paramedics and a very sick individual.

But a toothbrush? I mean, come on!

If you happen to see a toothbrush that says “Calhoun Dental” and “Dr. Cornilessen” on it, let me know…


Drink With Me” from Les Misérables by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg & Herbert Kretzmer


4 responses to “Oh Where Is My Toothbrush?”

  1. Umm… after it being lost/stolen, you want it back?

  2. I don’t want it back to use, I want it back on principle.

    I already bought a replacement at the bookstore.

  3. And old toothbrushes are useful for scrubbing small things that need to be cleaned. I always keep a few near the kitchen sink.

  4. Every night, before you brush your teeth, gargle with red food coloring. (You’ll want to wash your mouth out carefully after you’ve stashed the horrifying brush back in its usual place.)

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