Google Failure

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that, when searching for implementations of scanline fill, my own computer graphics project is one of the top hits.

Either way, it’s not terribly helpful to me from a debugging perspective…






3 responses to “Google Failure”

  1. stormwynd Avatar

    I’d be pleased. Being a top hit on Google should be a mark of pride — even though it doesn’t help you with your current bug hunt.

  2. wayman Avatar

    Delete your pages and wait a few years for them to fall out of Google’s cache. Then they won’t be the top results anymore.

    Or organize a Googlebomb to link to some other page for the searches which currently get your pages as top results.

    OK, maybe neither of those are helpful, either. You’re just going to have to accept your fifteen search results of fame.

  3. deathbysnusnu Avatar

    I’m on there, too. As is a page from Will and Andrew, also from our class.

    Maybe the world outside Swat calls it something other than scanline fill. Or maybe people just take it for granted way too often.

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