Initiation & Sake

Tonight was Tau Beta Pi initiation. We added to more seniors and three new juniors to the Pennsylvania Kappa chapter. I cannot go into any details of the ceremony, because I am sworn to uphold the secrecy of some aspects of the organization.

As is (apparently) tradition here at Swarthmore, initiation is an excuse to have a celebratory dinner and spend lots of someone else’s money. Just like last year, we went to Peking and had lots and lots of good food.

As it turns out, sake affects me rather strongly, in the get-drunk-quickly sense. Mind you, I was having this with a meal, and it certainly contains less alcohol by volume than other things that I have tried. I was happy, complete with rosy cheeks and dilated pupils.

I had never had sake before (if that wasn’t obvious). It’s not very interesting: nearly tasteless, very smooth, and with almost no alcoholic bite. If you wanted to get very drunk, without any flavor or burn, sake might be the way to do it.

The dinner was very good. I am always partial to scallion pancakes. The udon noodle dish that I got was too much of a soup for my taste (I was definitely expecting something different, probably an Americanized version of the dish without realizing that that’s what I was used to), and I think it had a seafood broth. Not bad, but not really my thing.

Prof. Orthlieb is a bit of a wine connoisseur. This is still amusing to me.


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  1. not all sake is created equal.

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