Cutest Kid EVAR

Yesterday, while I was in Hicks, I ran into Prof. Maxwell, who was there to show specs around for Discovery Weekend. His son Fox was there as well, and they were about to head out. Fox was being a good little 5-year-old and demanding to know just when they’d be leaving. Bruce and I were talking a paper that we had submitted, and my E90 project proposal while he was getting ready to leave.

Fox continued to be insistent, and Bruce told him that he just needed to grab his jacket, stop at Home Depot to grab a few things, and then head home. Fox said that he didn’t want to go to Home Depot, I asked him why, since it seems like the sort of place that would be right up his alley.

His response: “I don’t wanna go. He dithers!!” Thank you, Fox Maxwell. Awesome.


9 responses to “Cutest Kid EVAR”

  1. It’s also a great name; I can imagine Silver Age superheroes named Fox Maxwell.

  2. So, you know how sometimes parents will teach their kids a funny thing to say when they fall, so they don’t start crying every time?

    I’ve known this little 3-year-old daughter of two Swarthmore alumni since she was born, from dancing, and what her mom taught her to say was (in this high squeaky little voice), ‘I plummeted to my doom!’ hee hee

  3. Fox used to come to our graphics classes sometimes. He was adorable.

  4. I’d never heard of this before, but I love it. :^)

    (Who’s the daughter in question, out of idle curiosity? I have a guess, but am insufficiently sure to actually guess aloud.)

  5. OK, I’d never heard of that before either, but apparently it was an expression MyS taught her purposely and she would say regularly, rather than just a random expression she said once. Not as spontaneous, but just as cute. ;)

    Yeah, it’s Laura Cheetham.

  6. But have you heard the song?


  7. That was indeed my guess. :^) And now I want to hear the song!

  8. No, I didn’t know there was a song!

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