Month: November 2004

Day 1 – Amtrak Limbo

So it turns out that 30th Street Station is completely insane on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The problem is only made worse when the schedule board at the Amtrak information desk is out of order. Also, never sit between the

Oh Where Is My Toothbrush?

Honestly, who takes someone’s toothbrush? This marks the second bathroom disappearance I’ve experienced this year… although the case of the towel had extenuating circumstances involving paramedics and a very sick individual. But a toothbrush? I mean, come on! If you

Google Failure

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that, when searching for implementations of scanline fill, my own computer graphics project is one of the top hits. Either way, it’s not terribly helpful to me from a debugging perspective…

Initiation & Sake

Tonight was Tau Beta Pi initiation. We added to more seniors and three new juniors to the Pennsylvania Kappa chapter. I cannot go into any details of the ceremony, because I am sworn to uphold the secrecy of some aspects

Cutest Kid EVAR

Yesterday, while I was in Hicks, I ran into Prof. Maxwell, who was there to show specs around for Discovery Weekend. His son Fox was there as well, and they were about to head out. Fox was being a good

Going Commando

I beat Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando this afternoon. I found the secret Insomniac Museum, which was cool, and had neat “deleted scenes”-type features. They had short audio commentary from some of the game developers, and some interactive bits

SWIL Election Mechanics

It seems like we as an organization have problems every year around this time. From my point of view, these problems seem to come from trying to form a single viable coalition well before the election. I understand that the

Bizarre Dream

As I already mentioned, I got very, very little sleep on Thursday night. About two and a half hours. Apparently I had some vivid dreams, but I didn’t actually remember them until later in the day. While we were driving

Graphics Overdose

I stayed up until 5:30 am this morning working on computer graphics. I still got up to go to my 8:30 class. You do the math. I realized that, of the last 48 hours, I have spent over 22 of

Sad Christmas in November

I’ve been watching analyses all night and well into this morning. At this point, I’ve pretty much lost hope. Slightly more than half of the American people have decided to side with moral absolutism and totalitarianism. If you voted for