Churchill Fellowship

Although it was expected, I was accepted as one of Swarthmore’s candidates for the Churchill Fellowship. It’s not hard when there are two slots for Swat and and I were the only ones to apply from Swarthmore.

The interview was fairly scary, even though the professors on the board (including Bruce) were just there to give advice on my application. Their advice will be helpful, since I basically need to completely rewrite my personal statement. I thought I was supposed to focus on the role of science in my entire life, but I guess I misinterpreted the question.

I need to really sell why I want to do the program, demonstrate how I’m a “leader” (not sure what that means – I’ve never really felt like a leader, although I guess I have been from time to time), and mention the activities that make me a well-rounded and interesting individual.

I find bragging about myself really hard, so I think I try too hard to be honest and humble, which just comes out sounding wishy-washy in a written statement. Time to trumpet my greatness from the rooftops… or something. At the very least, I need to make some significant revisions.