I just realized that I have been pronouncing the word “municipal” as “munincipal” my entire life. Thanks you, truck from Municipal Waste Management, for showing me the error of my ways…

This is right up there with the way I say “entrepreneur” as “entrempeneur”, or when I learned from a bumper sticker that “paradigm” and “paradyme” were the same word and that the ‘g’ in “paradigm” is silent…

I win. But I’m not going to change!

Blame It On The Tetons” from Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse


2 responses to “Municipal???”

  1. I’m awfully tempted to start calling it “para-diggum” now, just to be contrary.

  2. I didn’t realize until about two years ago that segue is pronounced “seg-way” rather than “segg.” I assumed that the word I heard pronounced “segway” was the longer form of this segue (segg) I saw in writing. I guess I thought there must be a written word segueway to go with the pronounciation.

    And paradigm is a silly, illogical word to pronounce. You are not to be blamed for that.

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