Dance, X-wings, Dance

Just another quick graphics update.

Most of the text for our current lab is now up.

Here is a small sample of what I’m doing with the afore-mentioned x-wing model:


If you want to see a better-looking (and bigger) image along those lines, check out the lab page.

This stuff is just too much fun for me; I didn’t even do any real code for this lab, just modeling. A grand total of about 15 hours of modeling over the last week…






3 responses to “Dance, X-wings, Dance”

  1. psocoptera Avatar

    Nick, the dance of the X-wings is really cool, but would you consider putting it (and future animations) behind an lj-cut? (Something on my friends page right now is crashing Mozilla when I try to load the page, and of the few new posts since I read my friendspage last, yours is the only one with anything “unusual” in it. And your last animation was bigger and kind of slow to load.) Thanks much.

  2. grumpy_sysadmin Avatar

    There’s something morally wrong about swarming X-Wings.

  3. deathbysnusnu Avatar

    Beautiful! Beautiful!

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