Dance, X-wings, Dance

Just another quick graphics update.

Most of the text for our current lab is now up.

Here is a small sample of what I’m doing with the afore-mentioned x-wing model:


If you want to see a better-looking (and bigger) image along those lines, check out the lab page.

This stuff is just too much fun for me; I didn’t even do any real code for this lab, just modeling. A grand total of about 15 hours of modeling over the last week…


3 responses to “Dance, X-wings, Dance”

  1. Nick, the dance of the X-wings is really cool, but would you consider putting it (and future animations) behind an lj-cut? (Something on my friends page right now is crashing Mozilla when I try to load the page, and of the few new posts since I read my friendspage last, yours is the only one with anything “unusual” in it. And your last animation was bigger and kind of slow to load.) Thanks much.

  2. There’s something morally wrong about swarming X-Wings.

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful!

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