Welcome to Bizarro-Swarthmore

I think we slipped into Bizarro-Swarthmore over break.

It started with NuPont, which seemed innocuous enough. Then the year began with New Dorm. Again, something we could all live with.

But then October Break brought us both Neo-Co-Op and Nega-Hicks, in the forms of a shiny new building and a not-barf-colored paint job.

I just wanted to make everyone aware that we now live in an alternate dimension. Also, I am trying to get the terms “Neo-Co-Op” and “Nega-Hicks” to really catch on, particularly the first one, because I think it sounds cool.

Can you tell that I need to go to sleep?


4 responses to “Welcome to Bizarro-Swarthmore”

  1. Hicks feels cold and unwelcoming in its new blue shade.

  2. I officially don’t have to go to Genuardi’s any more: the coop now carries full-sized bags of charcoal. Score!

  3. hicks only looks different on the inside and i haven’t been to the co-op yet, so swarthmore still feels the same. thank you for opening my eyes to THE TRUTH!

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