Scrabble Ass-Whupin’

My parental units gave me a nice new Scrabble board for my birthday. Emery and I inaugurated it with a game tonight, and I had my ass handed to me from here ’til Tuesday and up a creek without a paddle to stand on. Or something.

Emery got all four big letters (X, Q, J, and Z), and managed to double triple the Q. I had at least one I the entire game, and for the most part had a lot of vowels and one-point letters throughout. Emery gets a record high score out of the deal though.


4 responses to “Scrabble Ass-Whupin’”

  1. I hate “i”. There are too many of them. It is the bane of my Scrabble existence.

  2. As an avid Scabble player, I’m curious: what was the double triple Q play?

  3. Should have been more specific: the Q was on a double letter, the word was tripled. Although I have seen what I think is a triple-triple, when both triple word scores are used in a single word (Which usually also requires getting a bingo).

    The word was “squirt”, along the bottom of the board.

  4. Ah, I see. Still a great play nonetheless.

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