The Drinkalogue

As I mentioned, there was a lot of bar-hopping after the TBP convention in Orlando. I consumed the most alcohol I ever have in a single night, and yet I never felt drunk. I did experience some slight distance vision blurring, but that may have been more related to lack of sleep and the fact that is was dark, and I’m just on the borderline of needing correction for my right eye.

At any rate, Saturday night started off with Yukka. For those of you who don’t know what Yukka is, it’s apparently a fairly common frat drinking game that involves passing around a pitcher of ice, vodka, lemons, and sugar. I had about a half-dozen gulps from various pitchers at our first District 3 event, but I don’t think I actually drank that much, since the ice cold bothered me. I also had a few swigs of bad whiskey. There was jumping on a hotel bed.

The Yukka tradition was introduced to Tau Bet Pi District 3 (PA and DE) by members of the Bucknell chapter.

After a brief bus ride (courtesy of the hotel) into the club district of Orlando, a small group of us started making the rounds. I was with some people from my district, plus a few from Clemson, one of whom is from Minnesota.

Our first stop was the Red Square Lounge, at which I had a pint of Guinness. I was feeling like dark beer at that point, and wasn’t really in the mood to drink much more. They had very good trance music. I made the mistake of using my card (having not had the opportunity to hit an ATM), opening a tab for the night because I expected we’d be there longer. They were busy, so when we wanted to move on, it took at least ten minutes to get my payment actually processed.

We wandered around for a bit, trying to simultaneously decide where to go and where to get cash. We ended up at Chillers, whose gimmick is a wide variety of alcoholic slushees. I had a Suicide; I don’t know what was in it, but it was fruity and vaguely alcoholic. Someone found out that there was another bar on the roof, so we went up the several flights of stairs to get there and found ourselves in Latitudes, where at least 30 other Tau Bates were already present, including almost all of my district.

That place definitely caters to a slightly older crowd, based on the music selection. Our alumni advisors seemed to be enjoying themselves. :o) Still, it was fun to dance, mostly, although I would have liked to have been a bit tipsier so I could have enjoyed myself a little bit more. Dancing isn’t really my thing, as you probably already know.

While I was up there, I had a test tube full of something fruity (it was someone else’s turn to buy the shots, and I didn’t catch what it was), a Smirnoff Ice (meh), and a Chocolate Cake (which involves Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur).

You have probably noticed at this point that I drank a lot of alcohol (for me). All I can conclude is that some combination of the lack of sleep and the heavy activity kept my metabolism at a point where I wasn’t getting that drunk. I drank a lot of water at the end of the evening before going to sleep, so I felt fine when my hotel roommate got up at 6 to catch his flight, waking me up briefly, and I completely got up at 7 to grab my shuttle bus to the airport.

At any rate, fun times.


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  1. Smirnoff Ice is great. Reliable and tasty bottled drink for those of us who don’t like beer.

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