My Towel Fell in the Line of Duty

Someone on my hall was hospitalized early this morning for severe alcohol poisoning, but according to my hallmates who were not oblivious (and are currently cleaning the bathroom as best they can with soap and paper towels), the guy is going to be okay.

It seems that my hand towel was grabbed at some point by one of the paramedics. I doubt that I’ll get it back, although I’m not sure that I’d want it back. A side effect of having the cubby on the end of the row, I guess.

It sounds like he’s going to be fine, and a friend is staying with him at the hospital. The cleanup crew of 4 was nearly done when I went to go to the bathroom, so they said they didn’t need anymore help. Had I been a good kid and brushed my teeth earlier, I would have had an opportunity to help out. At least he had several friends awake (and aware) on the hall; my door was closed, and I didn’t hear anything.

If you’re on New Dorm 3rd anytime soon, wear shoes in the men’s bathroom, at least until cleaning services can disinfect the place. Don’t want to pick up anything icky.


3 responses to “My Towel Fell in the Line of Duty”

  1. Good to know that Swatties are still drinking responsibly.

    Fucking wankers.

  2. convey best wishes and general sympathy to the fellow.

    (and also to anybody who’s had to deal with the mess.)

  3. See, this is why I always wear shoes in bathrooms and why I keep all of my bathroom stuff in my room.

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