Scholarship Woes

Fritz and I were both planning to apply for a Churchill Scholarship, to do a year-long post-graduate program at Cambridge. It now seems very likely that we will be unable to do it, because the next GRE subject test isn’t until November, and since it’s a written test, the results wouldn’t be available until well past the scholarship deadline.

Based on the system used to register for the GRE general test, and the computer testing center I went to to take said test, I was under the impression the the subject tests worked the same way: make an appointment at the testing center at one of a few times available each day, take the test, and immediately see your results.

I don’t feel bad about not scheduling the subject test earlier, because the last time it was offered was in April, before Bruce had even told us about this scholarship. Hopefully we will be able to get this resolved; I imagine that the the Cambridge end will probably be more successful, unless they plan to tell us that we should have thought about applying 8 months before the applications are due.

Stupid standardized tests…

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One response to “Scholarship Woes”

  1. Apply anyway. Explain your predicament. We have people here in the RI who have skipped the subject test because they didn’t feel like it. It can’t hurt to see if your other credentials will pull you through. Here’s hoping you have better luck than me with the scholarship.

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