First Day

First day of classes was today. Apparently this is the first time classes have been in session in August. Ever. Some weird timing issue with the dates, I guess.

Thermofluid Mechanics was about what I expected; I hope the Prof. Macken starts writing more down on the board, because just talking at us isn’t nearly as useful for taken notes in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll be able to make myself interested in the subject matter, but hopefully I’ll be just interested enough to be motivated about doing the work.

Philosophy of Logic looks like it’s going to be a really easy course. I think I’ve already learned much harder forms of logic in Digital Logic and through my computer programming. We shall see, I guess. It’s a very large class, close to 60 people, and I think I am one of 3 seniors in the course. I was happy to see Nan in attendance, whom I haven’t seen since she took last year off to go galavanting around Europe. It sounds like she had a lot of fun.

The labs for Thermofluid are taught by Prof. Orthlieb. He’s very smart, but not a very good teacher. I don’t really have any idea what the equations he eventually wrote out correctly on the board were, but the demonstrations during the lab were neat. Lab was just very, very long.

I made two stops at the SWIL all-day gaming in Sharples, and had an unusual bout of victories, including Mission: ISS, Seafarers, and Nicht de Bohne.

Emery and I went shopping this evening, stocking up on food and getting a nice 6×8 carpet for the seating area upstairs in our room. There’s still a little bit left to be done, but I cleaned one of the fridges and defrosted its freezer, and also finished unpacking my portable computer lab. I feel moved in.

Come Sail Away” from 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection – The Best of Styx by Styx






3 responses to “First Day”

  1. tirerim Avatar

    Yeah, the last time labor day was this late (my freshman year), they started classes on the Thursday before Labor Day (September 2nd). This is, of course, a much more sensible way to do things, since it takes care of the two days missed for Thanksgiving break without having to do the stupid “Monday and Tuesday are actually Friday and Thursday” thing.

  2. stepleton Avatar

    Philosophy of Logic IS really easy. Hope you like truth tables.

    Who’s teaching it?

  3. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Baker. It makes the class better, since he’s British. :o)

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