You Should All Hate Me

Apparently the “individual climate control” in does in fact mean air conditioning. That’s right, we have air conditioning. Installed. In our room.

If you feel the need to kill me and take my place, I’d understand :oP.

In My Room” from Totally Whipped by The Blenders

5 comments on “You Should All Hate Me
  1. rosta says:

    I would, but my apartment has two air conditioners and a wireless cable modem. And it’s my own apartment.

  2. nautiluspq says:

    …I hate you.

    ::is hot::

  3. rose_garden says:

    Have they turned on the air conditioning in Mertz, then?

  4. chula505 says:

    there is airconditioning in the halls and in the bathrooms. Not in the rooms. Sorry to disappoint.

  5. carnap says:

    Air conditioning? In my days, we had to walk up the Hill ten times both ways just to get to Sharples, and we didn’t have any freaking air conditioning!

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